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Source Code Library 2.1

Portable code librarian & document manager to securely store your data

Source Code Library is very helpful. This software supports codes from over 30 programming languages and has a built-in library with more than 50,000 lines of codes. It can convert source codes into HTML codes that can be easily understood by normal users who do not have a rich knowledge about codes implementing a program, thus making it easier for users to update, alter and manage a website content without having to know elaborate HTML coding.
It converts the source code into easily understandable color-coded code which is simpler, more understandable and make more sense to a programmer while creating a program involving a large array of codes. The codes written can be easily imported to any common IDEs as the software enables integration of the codes with all major IDEs. The software makes sure that all codes are managed safely and are secured with a password protection in a single place and avoids unauthorized access of other programmers into your secured codes. This program also has a powerful clipboard feature which helps you manage your codes and thereby helping you to apply unlimited undo and redo in your program. The Auto Text feature ensures that your common codes and functions are implemented much faster in a program.

Manoj Goel
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  • Supports over 30 programming languages
  • Supports color coding for library codes for better understanding
  • Fast conversion of files into various other code formats
  • Supports all common Windows family operating systems


  • Does not support Mac and Linux operating systems and library files
  • No compilers included or enabled
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